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Getting Started

  • On your course page, you will find the outline for the current unit.
  • If you miss a class or are missing handouts, go to your course page to download notes or handouts

Need Extra Help?

  • You can find me just about every lunch hour and after school in the physics classroom (Rm. 203)

Helpful Links:

The following physics websites are particularly useful for quick tutorials or review:
  • (Gr. 11 and 12) The Physics Classroom(Glenbrook South High School, Glenview, Illinois)
  • (Gr. 11 and 12) Khan Academy tutorials(Khan Academy - excellent video tutorials)
  • (Gr. 12) Physics 2000(University of Colorado at Boulder)
  • (Gr. 12) Hyperphysics (Georgia State University, Department of Physics and Astronomy)
  • (Gr. 11 and 12) PhET (University of Colorado at Boulder,on-line interactive physics simulations)
  • (Gr. 12) The Particle Adventure (The Particle Data Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Physics News:

Higgs Boson Research wins 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics

Scotch Tape aids Superconductivity breakthrough
What does scotch tape have to do with superconductivity? This Toronto Star article explains.

Higgs Boson explains a lot about nothing
Brief, readable summary of the significance of the Higgs Boson with respect to the vacuum - space.

Physics Exhibitions, Enrichment, Summer Programs, Awards

  • The Art of PhysicsCanadian Association of Physicists annual photographic contest
  • Walter Lewin Lectures at MIT (First year university lectures at MIT. Who is Prof. Walter Lewin? Click here)
  • The Next Dimension: Holograms from the Institute for Optical Sciences
  • University of Toronto DEEP Summer Program
    The DEEP Summer Academy provides gifted high school students from across the world with the opportunity for advanced study in a variety of engineering, technology, business and science disciplines. Registration starts March 1st.
  • York University Spark Science and Engineering Summer Research Award
    spark is an award of up to $4000 allowing aspiring young scientists and engineers to participate in ground-breaking research at York University.
    Winners of the award will join a research group in the Faculty of Science & Engineering at York University for up to two months (in July and August). Under the guidance of the lead researcher you will assist in experiments, gather and analyse data, conduct literature searches, consider the design of future experiments, and write reports on experiments and other activities.
  • The Elegant Universe(Nova/PBS site accompanying the series based on physicist Brian Greene's book on string theory)
  • Categorically Not! ("...dedicated to exploring the common ground of art, science, politics and what not at Santa Monica Art Studios", founded by science columnist K.C. Cole)
  • Quantum Diaries Blogs by particle physicists around the world