Introduction to Physics

Introduction to Physics Unit Outline

Activity, Material
Sept. 5/6
What is physics?

The importance of mindset to learning

Collaborative problem-based learning
SPH3U Intro Presentation powerpoint

Handouts: 11 Physics Course Outline,
Absolutely, Positively, Never-Fail Method for Doing Unit Conversions
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Using the course website, find my e-mail address and write to me the following:
(1) What Toronto high school has physics tutorial videos?
(2) What are the 2 kinds of mindsets, and what kind of mindset do you think you have? (Watch the 3 minute video “The Growth Mindset” on the SPH3U Grade 11 Physics page)
Read: Absolutely, Positively, Never-Fail Method for Doing Unit Conversions
Sept. 7/8
Review of scientific and standard notation

Measurement, uncertainty and significant digits
Worksheet: Physics Math - Part A

Activity: Accuracy, Measurement and Significant Digits

Video - unit conversions
Finish Physics Math - Part A
Sept. 11/12
Unit Conversions, Solving Equations
Scientific Notation and Scientific Inquiry powerpoint
Worksheet: Physics Math - Part B
Finish Physics Math - Part B
Read Activity: The Pendulum
Sept. 13/14
Scientific Inquiry, Measurement and Graphing
Activity: The Pendulum
Finish The Pendulum and hand in by the end of next class
Do Physics Math Extra Exercises if you want extra practice
Sept. 15/18
SI Units, Equations and Unit Analysis
Worksheet: Physics Math - Part C and D
Finish Physics Math - Part C and D
Sept. 19/20
Handout: Physics Math Review Group Challenge

Quiz - Introduction to Physics
Day 1 Students: Sept. 25
Day 2 Students: Sept. 26