Grade 11 Waves and Sound Unit Outline

Current Unit: Waves and Sound
Waves and Sound Unit Outline 2016-17

Activity, Material
Sept. 28/29
Introduction to Waves
Introduction to Waves – definitions and homework
Introduction to Waves - solutions

video - Introduction to Waves (Khan Academy)
video - Introduction to waves (Earl Haig)
307-310, 441-443
Sept. 30/Oct. 3
Properties of Pulses and Waves (speed, reflection, particle motion)
Activity: Pulses in a Spring, worksheet questions
Pulses in a Spring - solutions
Oct. 4/5
Periodic Waves, The Universal Wave Equation
Activity: The Universal Wave Equation, worksheet questions
Universal Wave Equation - solutions

video - Calculations with f, T, v (Khan Academy)
Oct. 6/11
Interference and Superposition
Activity: Interference in a Coiled Spring, worksheet questions
Interference homework - solutions

Wave Interference applet
Oct. 12/13
Interference and Standing Waves
Activity: Standing Waves, worksheet questions
Standing Waves - solutions

video - Standing Waves (Earl Haig)
video - Making standing waves
Standing Wave applet
Oct. 14/17
Mechanical Resonance, Quiz Review
Activity: Resonance, Review Questions
Resonance, Review Questions - solutions

video - Breaking wine glass with resonance
video - Breaking wine glass with voice

Test yourself! (The Physics Classroom)
Review - Multiple Choice Practice

Waves Quiz
Day 1 Students: Friday, October 21Day 2 Students: Thursday, October 20
Oct. 18/19
Sound Production, Transmission and Speed – worksheet questions

Simulation - sound waves
Introduction to Sound (NDT Centre)
The Right Stuff - part 1, Breaking the Sound Barrier
446-449, 449-453
Oct. 24/25
The Human Ear and Hearing (parts of the ear, hearing range), Beat Frequency
The Human Ear, Hearing Range and Beat Frequency – worksheet questions

Simulation - complex waves, beat frequencies
Activity: Hearing Range
On-line tone generator
Video - How a cochlear implant works
464-466, 467-469,
Oct. 26/27
Characteristics of Sound (decibel system, music)
The Oscilloscope and Characteristics of Sound – worksheet questions
Activity: The Oscilloscope
Applet: On-line oscilloscope
455-456, 501-503
Nov. 1/3
The Doppler Effect
The Doppler Effect – worksheet questions
The Doppler Effect - solutions

Doppler Effect applet
Nov. 2/7
Standing Waves in Air Columns (acoustic resonance and wind instruments)
Resonance in Air Columns – worksheet questions
Resonance in Air Columns - solutions

Activity: Vibrating Columns of Air
video - The Bottle Boys - Billie Jean
Nov. 8/9
Standing Waves in Strings (stringed instruments)

Harmonics of Strings and Air Columns
Research: Frequency of Strings – worksheet questions, text problems
Frequency of Strings - solutions

Worksheet: Harmonics of String and Wind Instruments – worksheet questions
Harmonics of String and Wind Instruments - solutions

Nov. 10/11
Test Review
Sound Unit Test Review – worksheet and text problems
Sound Unit Multiple Choice Practice

Sound Test
Day 1 Students: Tuesday, November 15Day 2 Students: Monday, November 14