2017-2018 SPH4U Grade 12 Physics

Teacher: Dr. Brian Lim
E-mail: brian.lim AT tdsb.on.ca
Day 2, Period 3 (Rm. 203)

Upcoming Tests and Events:
1. Rocket Science Problem Set now overdue
2. Culminating Activity, due Monday, May 28
SPH4U Culminating Activity Description

Video - Black Holes Explained (Kurzgesagt, 5:55)
Video - CNN reports on Stephen Hawking's passing(2:46)
Video - Gravitational Waves on the Late Show!

Link for the RHSA Concepts of Modern Physics Wiki
Concepts of Modern Physics Wiki

"I cannot overestimate the importance of observing every little thing and of reasoning upon it. The history of invention is full of incidents in which apparently trivial observations have proved of immense value to the world...
The inventor... looks upon the world and is not contented with things as they are. He wants to improve whatever he sees, he wants to benefit the world; he is haunted by an idea. The spirit of invention possesses him, seeking materialization."
(Alexander Graham Bell)

The power of believing that you can improve (Carol Dweck TED Talk):

Current Unit: Electrical and Magnetic Fields
Electric and Magnetic Fields, Light
Handouts, Activities
Reading, Text Questions
May 11
Electrostatic Force - Coulomb's Law
Electrostatic Forces - Coulomb's Law
Video - Coulomb's Law(Khan Academy, 11:50)
Read pg. 318-322, pg. 327-35
pg. 330 #3, 5, pg. 334 - #9
May 15, 17
Culminating Activity
May 22
Electric Fields
Worksheet: Picturing Electric Forces
Video - Electric Fields (Crash Course Physics, 9:56)
Visualizing Electric Fields
Visualizing Electric Forces in 3D
Video - Khan Academy - Electric Field Lines
Video - Khan Academy - Electric Field Lines - dipoles
Video - Veritasium - What's in a Candle Flame?

May 24
Electric Field Strength
Worksheet: Understanding Electric Fields
University of Colorado PhET Simulation - Electric fields
Video - Khan Academy - Electric Field Intensity
Video - Faraday Suit - Electrostatic Shielding
Video - ArcAttack - Back in Black
Video - Bozeman Science - Electric Field of a Parallel Plate
Read pg. 337-341. 342-3
Pg. 343 #2-4
May 28
Magnetic Fields,
Faraday’s Law
Worksheet: Magnetic Fields Review
PowerPoint: Fields
Video - Einstein's Big Idea - Michael Faraday part 1
Video - Einstein's Big Idea - Michael Faraday part 2
Video - Physics of Superheroes - Electro and Magneto
Video - Eddy Currents and Magnetic Braking
Pg. 352, pg. 354 #3, 4
Read pg. 387-9, pg. 415-7 (no Lenz’s Law)
May 30
The Magnetic Force
PowerPoint: Fields
Worksheet: The Magnetic Force
Video - Bozeman Science - Magnetic Force
Video - Magnetic Force on Charged Particles
Read pg. 392 – 5
Pg. 396 #2-4, pg. 403 #4, 7
June 1, 5
Electromagnetic Waves (Light) and Polarization
Activity: Polarization
Video - SciSchow - James Clerk Maxwell
Maxwell, Electromagnetism and Light
Video - polarization of light - basic concept
Video - circular polarization
Video - Making a secret monitor with polarization
Video - Engineering Guy - How does an LCD monitor work?
Fields and Light Problem Set
Read pg. 530-4, pg. 534 #1-3
Read pg. 494-8, pg. 498 #3, 4
June 7
Wave-Particle Duality of Light
Review Problems Package

June 11
Review I – Kinematics and Projectiles, Newton’s Laws and Forces, Special Relativity

June 13
Review II – Energy and Momentum, Fields (Gravitational, Electric and Magnetic) and Light