Introduction to Grade 12 Physics

How to think (Estimation and Problem-solving Strategies)
SPH4U Introduction Unit 2017-18
Class Handouts
Sept. 6
Introduction to Grade 12 Physics
Handout: 12 Physics Course Outline
Handout: How to Think Unit Outline
Handout: How to be a better test-taker

Powerpoint: SPH4U Introduction
Powerpoint: Mindsets and Learning ppt

Handout: Concepts of Modern Physics Presentations
Go to the course website, find my e-mail address, and check out the links for The Physics Classroom and HyperPhysics.

Watch the 10 minute TED Talk “The Power of Believing You Can Improve”.
E-mail me a brief (1 paragraph) reflection on the TED Talk and Mindsets powerpoint.

Choose a topic to present for Concepts of Modern Physics (sign-up next week)
Sept. 8
How to think like a Physicist
Mental Math and Estimation
Powerpoint: How to think like a physicist

Worksheet: Numbers and Physics
Numbers and Physics - answers
Worksheet: Numbers and Physics
Sept. 12
Measurement and Uncertainty
Powerpoint: Physics Math Practice

Activity: Measurement, Uncertainty and the Acceleration due to Gravity
Finish: Measurement, Uncertainty and Acceleration due to Gravity
Sept. 14
Estimations and Fermi Problems
Activity: Fermi Questions
Fermi Questions - Quick Solutions

On-line Fermi Questions Practice
What is a Fermi problem?
Worksheet: Fermi and Numbers
Sept. 18
Handout: Fermi Problems and Mental Math Practice
Fermi Problems and Mental Math Practice - answers
Review scientific notation, estimations, Fermi questions
Sept. 20
Quiz: Mental Math, Estimation, Fermi Problems

Kinematics review: the BIG 5 Equations, graphing
Handout: BIG 5 Equations
Handout: Kinematics Graphing Review Package
Kinematics Graphing Review Package - answers
Read pp. 24-27 (Nelson 2001)
Worksheet: BIG Five Review Questions