Introduction to Grade 12 Physics

How to think (Estimation and Problem-solving Strategies)
SPH4U Introduction Unit Outline 2016-17
Class Handouts
Sept. 7
Introduction to Grade 12 Physics
SPH4U Course Outline 2016-17

NYT article: How to be a better test-taker

Concepts of Modern Physics Presentations

Powerpoints: SPH4U Introduction powerpoint

Mindsets and Physics Learning powerpoint
Go to the course website, and check out the links for The Physics Classroom and HyperPhysics.

Read the powerpoint “Mindsets and Physics Learning”. E-mail me the kinds of mindsets talked about in the video, and what kind you think you are.

Choose a topic to present for Concepts of Modern Physics (sign-up next week)
Sept. 9
How to think like a Physicist
Mental Math and Estimation
Powerpoint: How to think like a physicist

Numbers and Physics
Worksheet: Numbers and Physics
Sept. 13
Measurement and Uncertainty
Powerpoint: Physics Math Questions

Forces concepts survey (finding out what we know)

Introducing Fermi Questions
Worksheet: Fermi and Numbers practice
Sept. 15
Estimations and Fermi Problems
Activity: Fermi Questions

Fermi Questions - quick solutions

On-line Fermi Questions Practice
What is a Fermi problem?
Worksheet: Physics Math Practice
Sept. 19

Review scientific notation, estimations, Fermi questions
Sept. 21
Quiz: Mental Math, Estimation, Fermi Problems

Kinematics review: the BIG 5 Equations, graphing
Handout: BIG Five Equations and Problem Solving

Handout: Graphing Review
Read pp. 24-27 (Nelson 2001)
Worksheet: BIG Five Review Questions