Special Relativity and Modern Physics

Special Relativity Unit Outline

Video: Einstein's Big Idea

Video: EInstein's Miracle Year (TED ED, Larry Lagerstrom, 5:16)
Video - Physics Girl - Can you push a spacecraft with light?

Class Handouts
Feb. 21
Intro to Special Relativity
Postulates of Special Relativity
Worksheet: Introduction to Relativity - Velocities and Frames of Reference
Article: A brief history of relativity
Video - Special Relativity and Simultaneity
Read pg. 562 - 568
Read pg. 29, 32 of A brief history of relativity
Feb. 27
Time Dilation
Worksheet: The Light Clock and Time Dilation
Worksheet: Why don't we notice?
Why Don't We Notice - solutions
Article: Everyday Relativity

Time dilation practice problems ppt
Video - Time Travel and Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity
Read pg. 569-72
Pg. 573 #2, 3
March 1
Length Contraction
Visualizing Relativity
Worksheet: Distance and Velocity
Distance and Velocity - solutions

Einstein's Paper: On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies
Video - Time Dilation Experiment
Read pg. 573-575
Pg. 576 #5, 8
Read pg. 42 (bottom) of A brief history of relativity
March 3
Energy: E = mc2
Group Challenge Problem - Space Travel
Group Challenge Problem - Space Travel - solutions

Video - How an atomic clock works
Video - PI - GPS and Relativity
Lesson on energy
Energy and Mass lesson ppt

Worksheet: Special Relativity Problems
Special Relativity Problems - solutions

Einstein's Article: Does the inertia of a body depend on its energy content?
Read pg. 580 – 584
Pg. 583 #3, pg. 584 #5, 9
March 7
Special relativity problem solving
Group Challenge Problem - Energy
Worksheet: Relativity Problems
Read pg. 32, 41-43 of A brief history of relativity (General Relativity)
March 9

March 23

Time dilation, length contraction, energy problems