2017-2018 SPH4U Grade 12 Physics

Teacher: Dr. Brian Lim
E-mail: brian.lim AT tdsb.on.ca
Day 2, Period 3 (Rm. 203)

Upcoming Tests and Events:
Kinematics Test - Monday, October 16 (tentative)
Field trip - Thursday, November 30 - Holography Studio, Institute of Optical Sciences University of Toronto

Link for the RHSA Concepts of Modern Physics Wiki
Concepts of Modern Physics Wiki

"I cannot overestimate the importance of observing every little thing and of reasoning upon it. The history of invention is full of incidents in which apparently trivial observations have proved of immense value to the world...
The inventor... looks upon the world and is not contented with things as they are. He wants to improve whatever he sees, he wants to benefit the world; he is haunted by an idea. The spirit of invention possesses him, seeking materialization."
(Alexander Graham Bell)

The power of believing that you can improve (Carol Dweck TED Talk):

Current Unit: Kinematics and Projectile Motion
Kinematics and Projectiles Unit Outline 2017-18

Class Handouts
Sept. 20, 22
Kinematics review: graph representations of motion
Kinematics Graphing Review Package
Kinematics Graphing Review Package - answers

Video - Converting Graphs with Slopes (Earl Haig)
Video - Converting Graphs with Area (Earl Haig)
Finish: Kinematics Graphing Review Package

Grade 11 Kinematics Review Questions (The Physics Classroom)
Grade 11 Kinematics Review (The Physics Classroom)
Sept. 26
Kinematics Problem Solving – Average Velocity and BIG Five

Textbooks distributed
Kinematics Challenge Problems

Group Problem: The Bus Chase!
Read pg. 24-7
Do pg. 27, #20-21, pg. 37, #9

Kinematics Challenge Problems #1, 2, 3
Sept. 28
Free Fall Problems

Read pg. 35-8
Do pg. 65 #26

Kinematics Challenge Problems #4, 5, 6
Oct. 2
Group Problem: Washer Drop
Group Problem: Washer Drop
Read pg. 11-3, 20-4
Do pg. 14 #15, 16

Kinematics Challenge Problems #7
Oct. 4
Representations of Motion
Worksheet: Representations of Motion
Assignment: The Graphing Challenge
Oct. 10
Group Problem: Elevator of Death
Group Problem: Elevator of Death
Do pg. 67 #46

Kinematics Challenge Problems #8
Oct. 12

Kinematics Test – tentative date: October 16
Handout: Vectors and Components

Review - Vector Components part 1 (Earl Haig)
Review - Vector Components part 2 (Earl Haig)
Review - Vector Components part 3 (Earl Haig)
Oct. 18
Vectors and Components,
2-D motion
Activity: 2-D Motion
Read pg. 41-45
Oct. 20
Intro to projectiles
Worksheet: Studying Projectiles
Problems: pg. 46 #3, 5
Read pg. 46-49
Oct. 24
Projectiles Problem Solving
Handout: Projectile Problems
Problems: pg.50 #10
Projectile Problems #1, 2, 3

video - Earl Haig - Projectile Motion problems with horizontal launch
Oct. 26
Group Problem: Projectile Challenge
Group Problem: Projectile Challenge
Finish: Projectile Problems
video - Earl Haig - Projectile Motion problems with angled launch

Projectile Motion Quiz – tentative date: October 30

Video - A Capella Science - Defining Gravity
Video - Physics Girl - The Physics of Weightlessness